A Full Team Visit to St. Catherine’s Preceptory

A Visit to Croydon Preceptory

As an honorary member of Croydon Preceptory No 196 I thought I would go along to their November meeting to watch them install a Companion into the Order. I was looking forward to a nice relaxing meeting where I did not have to do anything for a change.

How wrong I was. As soon as I arrived I learnt that the Provincial Prior, RE Knight Michael Banbury, was visiting the Preceptory with two of his Bodyguards. The Preceptory Marshal, E.Kt. Tim Ford then asked E.Kt. Mark Winchester, another honorary member, and me to help form the Arch of Steel. To make matters worse the Provincial Prior asked if we could take a photograph of Mark and I helping to form his Arch of Steel.

A Visit to Croydon Preceptory

After welcoming all the visitors a ballot was taken for Companion David Nathan Bull of Chipstead Chapter, which proved in his favour. Companion Bull was admitted and Installed as a Knight of the Order of the Temple by the Eminent Preceptor, E.Kt. Dan Turner, and his Officers in an excellent manner.

E.Kt. Tim Ford delivered the Charge and E.Kt. Dennis Wheeler explained the Symbols of the Order, both in an excellent manner. To round off a very successful meeting, the Eminent Preceptor asked the RE Provincial Prior if he would present Knights Templar and Knights of Malta Certificates to Knight Alex Lees, which was done in a very sincere and informative manner.

A Visit to Croydon Preceptory

The Knights then closed the Preceptory in peace and harmony and dined together in fraternal union, toasting the health and happiness of their newest member and wishing him many years of enjoyment in our order.

Article and photographs by Chris Eley

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