Another Candidate for Croydon Preceptory

In March, Croydon Preceptory No 195 was pleased to receive the Provincial Prior of Surrey, R.E. Knight Patrick Crossan, together with two of his Bodyguard.


After the Preceptory was opened the Bodyguards entered and advised the Eminent Preceptor, E.Kt. Ian Keen that the R.E. Knight Patrick Crossan, Provincial Prior of Surrey, was in the ante-room and demanded admission to the Preceptory. The Provincial Prior of Surrey entered with the Provincial Marshal, E.Kt. Chris Eley, and was greeted by the Eminent Preceptor. The Provincial Prior was then saluted with 7 under the direction of the Provincial Marshal.

A Ballot was taken for Comp. Michael Neville, which proved in his favour. Comp Neville was admitted and Installed as a Knight of the Order of the Temple by the Eminent Preceptor and his Officers in an excellent manner.

The Eminent Preceptor invited the Provincial Prior to present Knights Templar and Knights of Malta Great Priory Certificates to Knight Andrew Milton, which was done in his very special way.

The Knights then closed the Preceptory in peace and harmony and the Knights of Croydon Preceptory and their guests dined together in fraternal union at the Croydon Masonic Centre, toasting the health and happiness of their newly installed Knight.

Article and photographs by Chris Eley

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