The 25th Anniversary Muster of Praesidium Legati Preceptory

On Friday the 18th November 2016 at the Croydon Masonic Hall the Praesidium Legati Preceptory No 570 celebrated its 25th Anniversary. Present was the Provincial Prior of Surrey, RE.Kt. Patrick Crossan, two Past Provincial Priors of Surrey, RE.Kt. Bryan Page, KCT, and RE.Kt. Michael Banbury. There were also Provincial Priors of the Provinces of Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Essex and Middlesex, accompanied by Knights of their Provinces.

The 25th Anniversary Muster of Praesidium Legati Preceptory

After the Preceptory was opened, the Provincial Marshal, E.Kt. Chris Eley, entered and advised the Eminent Preceptor, E.Kt. Peter Vosser, that RE.Kt. Patrick Crossan, Provincial Prior of Surrey, along with a number of Provincial Officers of the year, was in the ante-room and demanded admission to the Preceptory. The Provincial Prior of Surrey entered and was greeted by the Eminent Preceptor. The Provincial Prior was then saluted with 7 after which the Eminent Preceptor took the muster roll. A very moving eulogy was given by E.Kt. Bill Harding for E.Kt. David Ernest Monk, who died in June of this year. A ballot was taken for three joining members of the Preceptory, Kts Steven Jones, Paul Rayward and Grant Marshall. This proved in their favour.

E.Kt. Peter Vosser then installed E.Kt. Neil Bonter as Eminent Preceptor in a very sincere manner. After the Officers had been appointed and invested the Right Eminent Provincial Prior addressed the Knights of the Preceptory and their guests. He described what was happening in the world 25 years ago and thanked the four Founders present for their support for the Preceptory over the past 25 years. After the collection of Alms the Provincial Prior, Right Eminent Knights and Provincial Officers of the year retired from the Preceptory.

A Priory of Knights of Malta was then opened and a vote was taken for Knight Michael Joseph Mello of St Catherine’s Preceptory No. 607 to be installed as a Knight of Malta, which proved favourable. The Degree of Knight of St. Paul was confirmed on the candidate by E.Kt. Peter Vosser assisted by the Preceptory Chaplain E.Kt. David Ford and the Preceptory Mareschal, E.Kt. Charles Stoddart. Knight Michael Mello was admitted into the Chapter House, passed the Banners and obligated. The Eminent Prior then made Knight Michael Mello a Knight of the Ancient and Masonic Order of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta and entrusted him Grand Word and Sign of the Order. Knight Michael took his seat in the Priory.

E.Kt. Neil Bonter was installed as the Prior of Praesidium Legati Preceptory by E.Kt. Peter Vosser and after the Officers were appointed and invested the Priory was closed.

The 25th Anniversary Muster of Praesidium Legati Preceptory

The Knights of Praesidium Legati Preceptory and their many guests afterwards dined together in fraternal union.

Article and photos by Chris Eley

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