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Changes to COVID levels and the impact on Masonic Meetings
Dear Brother Knights,

The recent Government announcement relating to Covid 19 has moved the level of risk from, Medium (Tier 1) to High Risk (Tier 2) within the Greater London area and certain parts of Surrey. Specifically, this will prevent Preceptory meetings being held, for the foreseeable future, at the following Masonic Halls: Croydon, Surbiton and Sutton.

In the Provincial Priory of Surrey 10 Preceptories will not, as a consequence, be able to hold meetings in the place specified in their by-laws. The Provincial Executive continually stresses that the safety and well-being of all Brother Knights is paramount. To that end, a temporary local suspension of face-to-face meetings is imposed for the 10 Preceptories in Tier 2 commencing Thursday 22 October 2020.

For Preceptories in Tier 1, under the current guidance, meetings may be held provided the Rule of Six is complied with, there are no Festive Boards afterwards and the venue is COVID secure. There are two Tier 1 Preceptory meetings scheduled for the month of October and two for the month of November.

At present there are no areas in Tier 3 (Very High Risk) within the Province.

A copy of this notice is to be placed in the minute book of all Preceptories falling within Tier 2, to ensure that continuous working is not interrupted. You can download this notice by clicking here.

Mark Masons' Hall has previously issued some helpful guidance to permit Preceptories to host virtual business meetings via video conferencing. Preceptories in Tier 2 may wish to consider virtual business meetings which enable administrative tasks to be transacted while face to face meetings cannot take place. Virtual meetings for social and business transactions have proved extremely useful for many Preceptories and their continued use is encouraged.

This is an extremely challenging time for communities, families and the world of Freemasonry. With energy and commitment, we can support each other and hopefully resume the enjoyment in celebrating our ceremonies in the near future.

Yours in the Bonds of the Order

R.E.Kt. Patrick P Crossan
Provincial Prior