Provincial Priory of Surrey

The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta in England and Wales and Provinces Overseas
buffer Provincial Officers
Officers for the year 2022 - 23
Provincial Prior
R E Kt Patrick P Crossan, Prov.Prior
Sub Prior E KT Peter Brown, P.Gt.Her.
Prelate E KT Reverend Leonard E Moreton
V E Kt Christopher D Cradock, P.2ndGt.Con.
1st Constable
E Kt Peter G Vosser, P.Gt.W. of R.
2nd Constable
V E Kt Chris W Eley, P.Gt.Reg.
E Kt Nigel P Harding, P.Gt.A.-de-C.
E Kt Brian A Hunter
E Kt Dr Miguel A J Godfrey, P.Gt.A.-de-C.
E Kt Tim Ford, P.Gt.A.-de-C.
Deputy Marshal
E Kt Angus J Rhodes, Gt.Capt.Gds.
E Kt John T Coleman, P.Gt.Her.
1st Herald
E Kt Peter C H Chidzey
2nd Herald
E Kt Roger J Short
Standard Bearer (B)
E Kt Andrew T P McBride
Standard Bearer (VB)
E Kt Andrew Francis
Banner Bearer
E Kt Graham G McGlashen
Sword Bearer
E Kt Eric P Robinson
E Kt Anton A Smith
E Kt Brian Pulley
Warden of Regalia
E Kt Steve R Jones
Chamberlain E Kt Martyn G Carslake
Captain of Guards
E Kt David P Olliver
Organist E Kt Glyn Harvey, P.Gt.A.-de-C.
Guard E Kt Paul D Rayward
Promotions in Past Rank
Past Second Constable E Kt
Kenneth A Priestley
Past Registrar E Kt
Colin D Bryson
Past Registrar E Kt David C Skilleter
Past Registrar E Kt
Derek M Williamson
Past Second Herald E Kt Jonathan L Clement
Past Standard Bearer (VB) E Kt Fabian H Brewster
Past Aide-de-Camp E Kt Paul D Rayward
Appointments to Past Rank
Past Sword Bearer E Kt Kenneth B Chandler
Past Aide-de-Camp E Kt Mark P Donovan
Past Aide-de-Camp E Kt Norman Jones